Magmafilm has been at the top of the German-language adult movie industry for many years now. During its reign, many stars have been discovered - some of which worked exclusively for the company. On the occasion of the label’s 25th anniversary, Magmafilm released a number of limited edition DVDs, each featuring compiled scenes from a recent star. The featured girls include:
Mia Magma Kompilation DVD Cover
Mia Magma
This pretty German blonde was the first starlet honoured with carrying the company name in her porn alias. Although her fans are legion, Mia recently retired from porn to pursue a music career.

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Tyra Misoux Kompilation DVD Cover
Tyra Misoux
Tyra Misoux has always been a down-to-earth girl. She loves the world, life, laughter and love. But deep in her heart she has always remained the cheeky brat from Berlin - with a big mouth and an even bigger heart. And that’s just how we like her! Tyra was an exclusive Magmafilm contract performer from 2002 until July 2008. During this time Tyra built up a massive fanbase, reaching well beyond the adult film industry.

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Louisa Lamour Kompilation DVD Cover
Louisa Lamour
Louisa is one of the few Swiss porn performers. Her lascivious yet natural vibe is the key to her success. She starred in five productions before announcing her retirement at the end of 2008.

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Renee Pornero Kompilation DVD Cover
Renee Pornero
Austrian gal Renee Pornero is without a doubt one of the most successful pornstars of our time. She made her first steps in the industry for Magmafilm, before moving to America and ‘studying’ to become one of the country’s leading anal queens. For her ‘graduation’, however, she returned to Magmafilm, where she exercised her passion for excessive sex scenes alongside stars like Will Steiger and KimKim De.

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Anja Juliette Laval Kompilation DVD Cover
Anja Juliette Laval
Anja Juliette Laval looks like a young, gorgeous and innocent country girl - but Magmafilm discovered (and fostered) Anja’s true depraved self, unleashing the uninhibited slut inside her. This girl has a sensational butt and a voracious appetite for both men and women. The latter can be experienced in numerous unforgettable flicks (highlights include “Die 8. Sünde" and "Ein Sommertagstraum”). Anja’s super-sexy scenes with co-star (and Magmafilm contract player) Tyra Misoux are the stuff of legend!

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Sara Joy Kompilation DVD Cover
Sara Joy
She’s young, blond, horny and sports awesomely big tits: Sara Joy (aka ‘Babe’). Her hobbies include swimming, shopping and anything to do with sex. This depraved slut also has multiple orgasms whenever someone kneads her massive tits during sex!

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KimKim De Kompilation DVD Cover
KimKim De
This Saxon sex rocket not only takes off in front of the camera, but also in her private life. “I need sex every day!”, she says. The best thing for this hot-blooded young filly is a threesome with a guy and a girl: “Feeling his massive piece inside me while I am eating pussy is pure heaven!” KimKim also loves rough anal sex, by the way.

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Dilara Kompilation DVD Cover
Scandalous! This young Turkish girl was the lead actress in a successful theatrical mainstream movie that won the Golden Bear at the Berlinale in 2004. But she was also an adult performer for Magmafilm before her breakthrough as an actor. A former administrative office worker, she was looking for adventure and sexual variety when she signed up with Magmafilm. As ‘Dilara’ she could finally leave her boring office life behind and live out her depraved sexual fantasies. She appeared in several hardcore movies (along with starlets Tyra Misoux and Anja Juliette Laval).

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Frances Laurent Kompilation DVD Cover
Frances Laurent
Frances Laurent, a trained retail saleswoman, has always been a wild party girl, never leaving out a chance to get down and dirty. At one such event she met someone who had contacts in the porn industry. And that’s how this dark-haired party girl with beautifully long legs and sweet tits came to sign a contract with Magmafilm.

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