Who hasn’t thought about having wild sex in front of a camera at least once in their lives? As one of the biggest adult movie production companies in Germany, we are used to receiving casting inquiries on a regular basis. And we are more than happy to receive them too (as long as they are serious). Please don’t hesitate to contact us, no matter whether it concerns a one-off appearance in one of our movies or, alternatively, a possible career in the adult industry.

What is a casting?
In the adult industry the term ‘casting’ is often confused with ‘test-fucking’. But this is actually quite far from the truth. Reputable companies do not ask prospective performers to appear for a ‘test-fuck’. In our company’s case, a casting serves multiple purposes: on the one hand, it allows us to have a personal interview with the applicant and, on the other, it gives us a chance to shoot initial stills or video footage of the applicant (which will be remunerated, of course).

Where do castings take place?
The official casting sessions take place in Germany. The shoots require either a clean bill of health (documented) or condoms.

How does one become a pornstar?
All beginnings are difficult - even in the porno industry, believe it or not. Success entails hard work. Being on time, dependable and focused definitely helps. Having your own car is also a benefit, but certainly no requirement. Our primary shooting locations are in and around Berlin, in the Ruhr area and in Prague.

What sort of money do I make as a pornstar?
Female performers: The salary is dependant on the kind of scene you’re shooting. Scenes involving double-penetrations are better paid than simple masturbation scenes. The standard in the German- language territories for a regular boy/girl scene is now set at roughly 300 Euros plus travel expenses. However, we think this is not enough and are therefore willing to pay more for a regular boy/girl scene. Naturally, the precise salary can only be fixed once the details of the scene have been worked out.

Male performers who make it into the pro league can usually expect to be paid around 250 to 350 Euros per scene (according to industry standards).

What happens after I sent in my application?
Each application is studied and evaluated by our producers. It goes without saying that your looks will play a large role in the evaluation process.

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